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Brand: IQ Beauty Solutions

Mesotherapy Gun from IQ Beauty Solutions by Mareli Medical. CE-marked. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mesotherapy Gun is specifically designed to help users inject accurately and in a balanced manner. 

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The Mesotherapy Gun “plants” hyaluronic to the mesoderm directly, helping to moisturize dry and aging skin, making it shiny and elastic from the inside out.

Mesotherapy Gun is specifically designed to help users inject accurately and in a balanced manner. Our unique 5 multi-needle and 9 multi-needle system, offers a safe vacuum technique, which minimizes drug loss, and alleviates pain by improving the speed of needling.  


  1. South Korean import 5 pin and 9 pin options, with a convenient, removable, multi-needle system, alleviating pain by improving the speed of needling.
  2. Pressure-sensitive, automatic injection system, greatly reduces treatment time.
  3. Individual vacuum system, avoiding the blockage in the device. 
  4. The monitor displays on-going, intelligent information, during the treatment, such as the number of injections, the depth of needle penetration, the drug dosage, and the operation mode. 
  5. Offers 4 syringe types (1ml, 2.5ml, 3ml, and 5ml)
  6.  Compact design, easy to carry anywhere.
  7. Light handle prevents hand fatigue.
  8. Easier to operate, with less margin of error.
  9. Painless.


  1. HA (hyaluronic acid): Moisturize skin. Moisture lock.
  2. HA+PRP: Anti-aging, enhances the skins regeneration abilities. 
  3. HA+Boto: Fine wrinkle removal. Shrinks pores. Reduces nasolabial folds. 
  4. HA+VC: Skin whitening, anti-oxidant, spot-fading.
  5. HA+Placenta: Skin whitening, enhances metabolism, reduces allergic dermatitis, anti-redness.
  6. Pressure: 620 mmHg.
  7. Dimensions: 26x32x15cm.
  8. N. W.: 2.5kg.

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