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Picosecond Laser from IQ Beauty Solutions by Mareli Medical. CE-marked. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Removal of all tattoo ink, including; red, yellow, and green. Nine times more effective than nanosecond ND YAG laser technology, and is less painful.

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This Picosecond Laser is the first of a new generation of aesthetic lasers that don’t rely solely on heat to burn, or melt away, unwanted tattoo ink or melanin.

Instead of building up heat, the Picosecond Laser delivers high rapid energy (in trillionths of a second ) to the tiny particles that make up pigment, and tattoo ink, vibrating and shattering them, without burning surrounding tissue. Less heat means less tissue damage and discomfort. Using our proprietary focus lens technology, the Picosecond Laser effectively converts the laser energy into gentle pressure waves that activate cell signaling, the body’s natural communication process, making this one of the most exciting medical discoveries in recent laser history. 

Picosecond mode of operation is based on delivering ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy into the skin tissue. The light absorbed in the pigment is transformed into a photo-acoustic wave that shatters the pigment into micro-sized particles which the body’s immune system then disposes of easily.


  1. 100% removal of all tattoo ink, including; red, yellow, and green.
  2. Nine times more effective than nanosecond ND YAG laser technology, and is less painful.
  3. The Picosecond Laser pulse width in much shorter than the nanosecond laser, resulting in only several hours of swelling and redness of the treated area while leaving the surrounding areas untouched.
  4. More effective results equals fewer sessions per treatment, and less time needed between treatments.
  5. Our patented focus lens technology, effectively converts the laser energy into gentle pressure waves, making it ideal for skin toning. 
  6. No possibility of hyper-pigmentation.
  7. It offers unrivaled, minimal pain, and downtime performance. The treatment requires no anesthetic creme.
  8. It presents no contraindications for exposure to sunlight, making it a viable treatment year-round, especially with conditions such as certain dark marks/ pigmentary scars/ sun-damaged skin.
  9. From the very first session, you’ll notice an even complexion. Over the second and third treatments, dark marks will become lighter. By the final session, your tattoo, or pigmentation, will be gone.
  10. Picosecond can treat pigmentation of all types of skin, even the most delicate, such as Asian, or mixed complexions.
  11. All color tattoos.
  12. Using the strong-peak laser thermal energy coupled with the impact force, the pigment is formed into dust particles within a short period, less than 950 picoseconds. As a result, pigment removal can be performed with minimal pain, less downtime, and fewer treatments.
  13. Very efficient for dermis pigments, such as Melasma.
  14. Skin toning and brightening can be expected.
  15. A good treatment for pigment, as well as wrinkles.
  16. No melanin precipitate with the super-short pulse duration.
  17. Less than 8% energy loss, controlled by a high precision handle arm, and intelligent probe, with 2–10mm spot size adjustment.
  18. Minimized maintenance, with modularized components and a pull-out structure.


  1. Power: 2000W
  2. Wavelength: 1064nm, 532nm.
  3. Frequency: 1 – 10Hz.
  4. Duration: Dynamic light 700ps.
  5. Laser Mode: Multimode.
  6. Energy: 1064nm: 200mJ -1300mJ, step 200mJ. 532nm: 100mJ -650mJ, step 100mJ.
  7. Energy Stability: 3% at 1064nm/532nm (standard deviation/average).
  8. Arm: Original imported arm, output efficiency 90%, spot size 2 -10 adjustable.
  9. Cooling: Air + Water cooling.
  10. Coolant: Distilled Water.
  11.  Voltage: 220V 50Hz/110V 60Hz.
  12. Dimensions: Machine: 980x350x880mm. 
  13. Weight: N.W.: 109kg. G.W.: 164kg.

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