Stylage HydroMAX 1ml

Brand: Vivacy

Stylage is a quality product from France, manufactured by Vivacy. CE-marked, not approved by the FDA. Available with and without lidocaine. Please contact us with any questions or advice.


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Living in Canada? – This product is not available for import to Canada. 

The presence of sorbitol, a powerful antioxidant and moisturizing agent, which helps the skin to retain water and thereby maintain hydration, limits the immediate degradation of weakly cross-linked HA, thus guaranteeing an immediate sensation of freshness and long-lasting moisturizing effect of the HydroMAX treatment.

This innovative formula, combining cross-linked HA and sorbitol, provides immediate and long-lasting rehydration for the skin allowing the true restructuring of the dermis and epidermis optimized over time.

The gel’s fluid texture makes it easy to inject and to massage ensuring even distribution of the product injected into the tissues.


Living in Canada? – This product is not available for import to Canada.

CE-marked, not approved by the FDA.

STYLAGE HydroMax is the first hyaluronic acid mesotherapy product weakly cross-linked to enhance the product’s durability into the skin tissues and prolong the beneficial effects of the treatment.

  • Slightly cross-linked hyaluronic acid IPN-Like + sorbitol
  • 12,5 mg/g
  • Each box contains one 1 ml pre-filled glass, a latex-free syringe of STYLAGE Hydrogel, sterilized by moist heat autoclaving, and two single-use sterile needles, one 30G½ needle and one 30G?

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