About Mareli Medical

Mareli Medical AB was founded in 2015 with the ambition to change and improve the conditions and the dynamics for beauty clinics in Europe. We soon became one of the largest distributors of fillers, consumables and clinic equipment in Europe. Today we are active in 52 countries.

Being in the business we saw a great need for a distributor that was available and gave clients the service and support needed. As a practitioner your are often alone in your profession. This makes it even more important with availability and expertise when choosing a distributor. As one of our clients at Mareli Medical you’ll never need to feel alone. Our experienced personnel are here for you 24/7 for support and counselling.

We don’t have any sales persons employed and Mareli Medical is not an agency for a product or brand. We believe that all practitioners want answers to their questions based on fact and statistics. This increases the safety for patients and the overall quality in the business. We are here to help you as a practitioner and your patients.

Here at Mareli Medical you will only find CE marked quality products. We often get questions about why certain products are not in our assortment. The answer, most of the times, is that they don’t measure up to the demands we have set such as clear documentation, CE marking etc.

It is very clear that many agencies and providers always have their own product in mind and paint the picture that it is the absolute best in the world. As an owner of a clinic you are often tied to one brand and fill the room with promotional items for that particular agency or brand. This is a smart way for the agency or provider to promote their name. At Mareli Medical we choose to focus on your brand and business. The choice of product is important but from a marketing perspective the only thing growing is their brand when you as a clinic promote that rather than yourself.

This has created a big  problem in the business since the patients are bound to a particular product and not to the practitioner. This in turn leads to patients going where the product is cheapest and not where they get the best treatment. To counter this we have an entire team working solely on creating customized marketing material for your clinic/business where your name is in focus and not the brand.

When your business grows so do we. We at Mareli Medical don’t have a classical customer/provider relationship with our clients. We consider us partners. As mentioned before we have been focusing on you as a practitioner/clinic owner since the beginning. This has been the common denominator for all our endeavours in and for the business to date. Do you need help reaching out? Maybe you have just started and need help making a logo or a rollup where your key values are in focus? Is it time for an event? We have an entire team of graphic artists and marketing experts who can assist you. Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can help you.

Since the very beginning we were of the opinion that the prices of products needed to be lower than they were, especially in Scandinavia. The reason for this is simply that quality and competence costs money. The profit for clinics must be higher in order for you to be able to afford skills development and other investments. We were alone having this opinion when we begun and endured a lot of criticism. Thanks to Mareli Medical the profits for clinics have increased and thousands of businesses have been able to invest and grow. The clinic owners dependency of “free” education and marketing material from providers and agencies has decreased as a consequence. As a customer at Mareli Medical you can afford to invest in your business.

A product that has been put on the European market can also be legally sold within Europe.

At Mareli Medical we only sell CE marked products with legal right to be used within Europe. The same warranties, ensurance, obligations and rights apply within all of Europe by law. Free and open trade is a good thing, it evens off the price levels and increases competition. This is also regulated by law in Europe where monopoly is prohibited.
For Mareli Medical, active in 52 countries, there is no reason whatsoever to buy from the most expensive countries when the same product with the same warranties can be bought in another country. This makes it possible for us to offer our customers better prices.

Our competitors try to paint the picture that parallel imports is frivolous. This is of course not true since we have the same laws, rights and obligations as all other parties. Parallel imports is a normal way to trade since the EU became a reality. Parallel imports is extremely common in many other lines of business like the car-, medical-, clothing- and food industry where the purpose is price equalization and a free market. All countries within the EU has a government agency that actively works to stop parties trying to limit parallel imports since such limitations are not legal.

About Mareli Medical