About Mareli Medical

Mareli Medical is one of the leading distributors of dermal fillers in Europe. A global company based in Sweden/ Malmo. Since it started in 2016, we have been actively working to raise the standard of the beauty industry.

Mareli Medical consists of three different organizations working with a common goal. A better, more controlled and responsible industry.
Mareli Medical, Mareli Academy, and finally the Mareli Certificate.

Today, we provide thousands of clinics around the world with fillers and consumables used daily at clinics. We are extremely proud of this.
Thanks to Mareli Medical, you have access to an objective/unbiased supplier for your clinic. We focus on quality and not the brand.

It’s very easy to shop from us. Place your order online, via email or phone. Or why not come to our office in Malmö/Sweden?

We believe in competition between companies. We always do our best to meet our customers’ requirements. The concept of responsibility is our most important keyword in the company. Therefore, we only deliver products to trained staff in the area. We are working hard to raise the quality of the market. That is why we also run one of the Nordic countries’ broadest training centers, the Mareli Academy. Here you get an objective solid education with a focus on knowledge.

Every year, we invest large sums of money directly into the industry to raise the qualities. Not only for our customers, but the entire industry.

We believe in being independent and objective. We only work with original products. All products are insured by IF insurance company. All forms of trade, manufacturing, warranties, etc. are regulated by European laws. This means that you have the same guarantees as a Mareli Medical customer, such as, for example, an agency or when purchasing directly from a manufacturer.

All products are tracked by the Batch-number/LOT number that is placed on the product by the manufacturer such as Galderma, Allergan, Vivacy, Teoxane etc.

Mareli Medical is co-organizer of Miss Universe Sweden and nominated for the magazine Lifestyle Wellnes and lifestyle womans as filler experts. In 2017, we became the magazine Lifestyle Womans absolute first expert in aesthetic injections.

Mareli Medical’s vision is crystal clear. We are working for a change, a change that leads to higher and better standards for both practitioner and patients.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us..

About Mareli Medical